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The Best You

A good headshot can give a great first impression. A great headshot takes it to the next level.  When you need to put your best foot forward and you need a great headshot, PixbyRich will work with you to get the job done.

We follow a seven-step process to ensure the highest quality headshot is delivered to you quickly. 

The Headshot Process

Step 1 – The Consult

Designed to meet your busy schedule. I will discuss the 7 step process either in person or via conference call.

We will discuss why headshots by PixByRich will help raise your game or career to the next level.  

We discuss what the session will look like and how you can achieve your best look by following the next step….

Step 2 – The Prep

This is where you prepare your clothing and face for the best headshot possible. Hydration is key as well as picking out clothes that you love. If you don’t love it, don’t bring it. Also, you want to pick clothes that are subtle.

Your headshot is the focus of the picture we will be creating. We don’t want a headshot distracted by - or taken away from – by noisy prints or floral patterns, etc. You get the idea here. If you love it, if it makes you feel good – then bring it with you for one of your looks.

*** Tips for Women ***

*** Tips for Men ***

Step 3 – The Booking

Answer a few questions about your availability here.

Once there, pick your package, swipe your card, and then jump on down to the next step ….

Step 4 – The Session

Simply show-up to the studio at the selected time with your selection of clothes. I’ll walk you through the process and we’ll pick some starting outfits and adjust as we go.

Please come to the session well rested, well hydrated, and with a spring in your step.

We’ll finish the session and then we’ll move to the next step….

Step 5 - The Magic

This is where I have all the post processing completed for your headshot.

Depending on the scope of work, the length of time and cost of this process will vary.

I go after minimal corrections in post by trying to capture the best headshot in camera during the session.

Step 6 - The Result

Depending on your schedule, we either do this face-to-face or via telephone call.

I will send you a secure link to your completed files.

You can download directly or choose the type of prints and delivery options and prices right from the website.

Step 7 – The Deliverable

Based on your selections in the previous step, you will receive your prints via the chosen shipper or via digital download. Your choice….

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